Author Visits


Aimee’s goal is to make her visit to your group memorable and easy.

Download Aimee’s Author Visit Kit to receive reproducible flyers and posters as well as her visit-planning guide: ABCs of an Outstanding Author Visit.

As a literacy enthusiast and former teacher, Aimee knows how enriching an author visit can be. She is happy to visit your group to support your curriculum and enhance your program.

Below are sample presentations. If you have a special topic you’d like Aimee to address, let her know. She would be happy to hear from you.

Growing Up with Little Gray (suggested for pre-K to Grade One)

Drawing on the book Mama’s Day with Little Gray, this active presentation will have children singing and moving. Together, we will explore themes of growing up and sharing special memories with loved ones. Suggested activities can extend the fun of the author visit as the children respond creatively to the experience.

Growing a Story (suggested for Grades One to Five)

Working with the metaphor of a story as a plant, this presentation explores the creative process. Children will learn the stories behind Aimee’s books, see her work in various stages, and gain a sneek peek into the publishing industry. Most of all, they will find encouragement to value their own writing processes.

Seeds, Sparks, and Story Structure (suggested for Grades Six to Eight)

“But I don’t know what to write!” If only teachers had a nickel for every time we heard this complaint. This interactive workshop explores how to find inspiration  and make our stories work. Your students may be so invigorated that you will want to try out some of the strategies together after the school visit!

Winning Words (suggested for Grades Nine and up)

In a world of too many words, a well-crafted message wins the attention of its intended audience. It grabs us by the collar. It woos us with its authentic voice.

In this workshop, Aimee offers insights into the traditional publishing model and shows how the writing process it requires is the same for purposeful writers everywhere.

Using a wide variety of examples, Aimee touches on: considering purpose and audience, choosing form, crafting a voice, harnessing the power of effective diction, and revising with rigor. Samples of her own heavily revised manuscripts are included!

Since Aimee has taught adults as well as high school English at all grades and levels, she knows how to approach each unique audience. She will tailor her presentation to meet the needs of your group.

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