Author Visits

Aimee Reid is a warm and friendly storyteller who excels at building connections with both her audience and library staff. She is pleasant and professional to work with, and families commented on how much they enjoyed her visits. She used puppets and music to enchant each of the children as she brought them into the world of “Mama’s Day with Little Gray,” a beautifully illustrated and touching book about love and family. Aimee Reid’s visits complemented library storytime programming very successfully.

Aimee came as a guest author into my combination grade 1/ 2 classroom. She was prepared with her book and a screen presentation and had the student’s attention as soon as she began speaking. My class was completely engaged and enjoyed being read to by a REAL author!!! It was clear that Aimee knew how to ask questions and patiently wait for answers and that she understands different developmental levels. The children loved asking her questions about the ideas, illustrations, and the process of how an idea can possibly turn into a published book. I watched as my class smiled, laughed and immersed themselves in this special visitor and her topic. It was a wonderful experience and I’d gladly do it again, in fact some of my students commented at the end of June that it was their favourite experience of all in that school year!

What an enchanting time the children had with Aimee. Our library branch hosted an author visit with local Kindergartners and Aimee was able to keep the children engaged via action rhymes, puppetry, visual storytelling and song—all with an elephant theme of course!

Thank you so much for visiting St. Lawrence School. Your presentation and book reading was outstanding. The children were engaged and excited to talk about Little Gray long after the presentation. I would recommend this book to all educators and parents as well as Aimee’s presentation.

We were so pleased to welcome Aimee Reid to read her story to our students at St. Brigid. She captured the attention of the Junior Kindergarten students and Grade Three students alike with the dialogue between her puppets. She shared factual information about elephants which was very interesting indeed for all! The illustrations in her book are wonderful!

You will enjoy the happiness evident in the relationship between Mama Gray and Little Gray. In Mama Gray’s wisdom, she responds to Little Gray’s questions—demonstrating the constancy of a mother’s love. The feelings of closeness, strength, kindness, acceptance and playfulness between the mom and baby touch our own ‘feel good’ memories as we make connections to our own lives. Beautifully written—with the pure naiveté of Little Gray leading the discussion.

Keynote Presentations

Aimee Reid served as a keynote speaker at the Power of the Pen gala, a celebratory event for the winners of a teen writing competition. Aimee was absolutely inspiring in the way she shared her love of writing with this audience. She opened by declaring to the teens that they all were writers, paused to allow the teens time to internalize her key message, and then proceeded to guide these young, aspiring writers through the journey to publication. She validated their own burgeoning identity as writers, provided some guidance to help grow their skills, and ended on a note of encouragement and empowerment. She was a wonderful speaker.